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Be Your Own Cool, Cool Life Livin

After about six months of scheduling conflicts, I finally got a chance to sit down and talk with Mr. Cool Life Livin, Nick Reynolds. Quim: Give the readers a little background on yourself. NR: I am a senior/soon to be graduate at CMU.  I’m majoring in Entrepreneurship and minoring in Advertisement.  I’ve always been a simplistic type … Continue reading

Couture Luv, a new brand for women.

Today I got the chance to interview Ashley Williams, founder and designer of the recently launched Couture Luv clothing company. “Couture Luv is the shopping haven for the fashion forward girl who is always looking for the best deals. Our style is trendy, but our prices are like no other. With unbeatable deals and a … Continue reading

PROJECT GHOST: Gino’s exclusive interview with the guys behind #ProjectM

So unless you live under a rock or something, you had to have heard about the mayhem surrounding “#ProjectM” this last weekend: A giant house party based off of the movie Project X that exploded virally in a matter of hours, and almost happened in Farmington Hills, Michigan before the police used their forces of … Continue reading

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