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What I Wish I Knew as a Freshman

Being the seasoned veteran of the college life that I am, there’s a lot I’ve seen and done.  But there are a few things I wish someone would’ve told me when I started my college career.  Freshmen, here’s your first cheat sheet. Social Meet as many people as you can at the start of the … Continue reading

QuimDigital Finally Enters the New Year!

2012 was here, and just like that it’s gone.  According to Facebook, it was a year highlighted by the New York Giants winning a Superbowl, the Summer Olympics in London, and the U.S. Presidential Election as well as a few other memorable moments.  Don’t forget about that apocalypse we all survived.  Although if you’ve seen … Continue reading

Challenge MS

Yesterday I was privileged enough to do something I love, have it benefit hundreds of thousands of people today, and effect countless people for generations to come.  I rode my bike. I rode with the newly reformed Central Michigan University Cycling Club. I rode with over 100 other people. But most importantly I rode with the people … Continue reading

Minutes With Mariah: Fall Episode 2 – Jersey Shore’s Final Season

Stay tuned for next week’s Minute!  And if you missed last week’s, be sure to check it out.

Sports Are Life

Sports and life go hand in hand.  The ups, the downs, the drama, work ethic, luck, faith, and maybe most importantly hope.  We look to sports because life is hard, it’s unfair, it rarely makes sense, and when it does it’s only for a small window.  We root for the underdog, because lets face it … Continue reading

Minutes With Mariah: Fall Episode 1

Hey everyone! A couple disclaimers : Disregard every time I say “Thursday”.  I originally tried to get this finished by Thursday… clearly that didn’t happen. I was also following Weeds, New Girl, and True Blood this summer but didn’t talk about them in the video… It would have been 10 minutes longer.  I could talk … Continue reading

September 11, 2001 – What Do You Remember?

Today every media outlet from major international news to the local cable access shows will be recapping, analyzing, and grieving over the events that took place in New York, Washington D.C., and Pennsylvania.  Every website, freelance writer, and blogger will put up some sort of column in remembrance of those who were killed, and giving their … Continue reading

The Unofficial End of Summer

  Labor Day weekend has finally come and gone.  This marks the unofficial end of summer.  I, like most of you, had a very busy, eventful, and fun summer.  However, instead of writing out a long drawn out journalized recap of Summer 2012, I’m going to enlist the help of everyone’s favorite new app, Instagram. … Continue reading

Go By Bike!

It’s been quite some time since I’ve actually blogged something pertaining to my own life, so let me give you an update on my latest movement, Go By Bike. Many of you who know my personally know I’m WAY into cycling.  I’ve been a professional bike mechanic for over 7 years (jeez, that’s starting to … Continue reading

Carroll Shelby, R.I.P.

Legendary racer and car designer Carroll Shelby passed away this last Thursday, May 10 at the age of 89.  Although I don’t intend to completely cover the story since many of the major new outlets such as the Washington Post have written lengthy articles about the life of this man, I do have a few things I … Continue reading

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