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What Separates Us Smartphone Photographers from the Pros

What Separates Us Smartphone Photographers from the Pros

Given how good smartphone cameras have become, it’s relatively easy to take a good-looking picture (especially coupled with a versatile photo-editing app).  Run of the mill point-and-shoot digital camera are powerful enough to take a very high-quality shot.  So what is it that professional photographers do take to their photos to the next level? Last … Continue reading


  • Earlier this year DJ Pigpen released his Spring Break themed, hour-long, Oh Budg!: Vol. 1 mix.  Now he's broken Vol. 1 down into the Spring Break Essential Pack; which features the tracklist and free downloads of all 14 of the DJ Pigpen original mixes that went into creating Oh Budg!: Vol. 1. The Spring Break Essential Pack is available for streaming and download on SoundCloud.  To keep up with the latest music, news, and events of DJ Pigpen be sure to like his Facebook page. Related articles Oh Budg!: Vol. 1 - DJ Pigpen ( Dj Pigpen - Spring Break Essential Pack (  
  • Congratulations to our partners (Geoff Zaleski & Derek Hartmann) over at CrankThatBass on the successful launch of their own site!!  These two have been working extremely hard over the last few weeks to bring you all the 'CrankThatBass - Beats of the Week' series here on QuimDigital, keep Facebook users up-to-date with the latest hits, and build their own website.  Reward them for all their hard work by checking out their official website, liking the Facebook page, and following them on Twitter. CrankThatBass's quest for world domination has begun! Related articles CrankThatBass - Beats of the Week: Vol. 1 ( CrankThatBass - Beats of the Week: Vol. 2 ( CrankThatBass - Beats of the Week: Vol. 3 (  
  • We've refreshed our look!! Today we're unveiling the graphic redesign I hinted at in my summer recap.  We've updated our site, Facebook, and Twitter. Check out the new look, and as always give us some feedback! All graphic work was done by the multi-talented J.Fin.  Be sure to give him a shoutout if you like what you see, or want some of your own work done.  The best way to reach him is probably through Twitter.
  • It's been almost three weeks since I decided to ditch the car and start my Go By Bike movement.  It's time to update you all on how it's been going.
  •   Congratulations to KRUUE on the successful site launch and revamp!  Welcome to QuimDigital 'Sites We Support' section. What's KRUUE? KRUUE is the official college endorsement label that acts as the voice and influence over college campuses across the country.  Through a group of highly influential opinion leaders, we connect students to top brands and drive loyalty to our business partners. Check out the official website, like the Facebook page, and follow on Twitter for more information & updates.  KRUUE is coming to a college near you, if they aren't already there.  
  • According to Yahoo! Sports, Antoine Walker, a feature in our Riches to Rags: Penniless Professional Athletes, has retired from the NBA D-League.  This marks the abrupt end to a disappointing career.  With millions of debt still hanging over his head, it'll be interesting to see what Walker's next move will be.
  • Even more footage from the Nā Palm concert weekend courtesy of the Party Armor: Hangover Protection company.  Check the bottom of the original article to see it.
  • This weekend QuimDigital added a new member to the team.  We look forward to many great sports columns from the one and only, John Manzo.  Be on the lookout for his first article coming soon.
  • I had hoped to find some photo evidence that epic weekend had really happened.  After chatting with some friends on Twitter, I found some of those pictures do exist.  Here's some after party photos (as well as a pretty cool blog) from The Master G.  Check them out, and roam their site as well, they've got some pretty cool stuff.
  • Yesterday's viral photo of a couple of female fans who apparently had relations with Tyler Seguin back in high school, is a FAKE!! See the main article for details.
  • After weeks of hard work from the staff, QuimDigital is finally here! Enjoy the site and don't hesitate to provide us with feedback, good or bad.  We do this for all you here to support us, so the least we could do is listen.  Read, think, and interact. Thank you. -Quim.

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