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Biting Elbows – Bad Motherf*cker

Being someone who’s heavily into cars, mountain biking, and a fan of all things action, I can really appreciate a great shot and video work.  Despite grading my photography and videography knowledge/skills as amateur at best, I thought I’d seen pretty much everything GoPro cameras were capable of, and their creative uses.  However I never though I’d see one used to make a first-person badass short film.

Biting Elbows, an indie-punk band from Moscow, has made such a short film with their latest music video “Bad Motherfucker”.  I could go on-and-on like I normally do, but you all really just need to watch this one for yourselves, in HD of course.


If you loved the song even half as much as the video and want to keep up with Biting Elbows, be sure to ‘Like’ them on Facebook.  Questions?  Reactions?  Got a music video or short film that can top this one?  As always, let us know below!



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