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Oh Budg!: Vol. 1 – DJ Pigpen

It’s not often that we post music by unsigned, underground artists (a trend I’m trying to change).  However when my “in-house” DJ / Michigan Made Music artist blesses the masses with an hour of his own mash-up, edits, and bootlegs, it’s my duty to make sure it reaches as many people as possible. This Spring … Continue reading

Who’s ready for Fast & Furious 6?

Although the plot lines have shifted from relatively harmless street racing to multi-national criminal organizations, the Fast & Furious movie series has managed to not only keep its original 2001 fan base, but appeal to moviegoers of all kinds.  To me, no movie in the series will ever top the original.  The Fast and the … Continue reading

CrankThatBass – Beats of the Week: Vol. 3

Welcome to the third installment of the CrankThatBass Beats of the Week.  As usual we’re bringing you the hottest and freshest dubstep, house, trap, electro, and hip-hop tracks of the week. Two weeks ago I posted a song by Jackson Breit, and I told everyone to be on the lookout for him.  Well this gentleman … Continue reading

CrankThatBass Has Launched!!

Congratulations to our partners (Geoff Zaleski & Derek Hartmann) over at CrankThatBass on the successful launch of their own site!!  These two have been working extremely hard over the last few weeks to bring you all the ‘CrankThatBass – Beats of the Week’ series here on QuimDigital, keep Facebook users up-to-date with the latest hits, and … Continue reading

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