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Do You Remember Us?

One of the things an athlete has to deal with when they make it to the professional level is people from the past coming out of the woodwork.  However, Boston Bruins center, Tyler Seguin isn’t fending off old friends and distant family looking for benefits.  Instead he’s enjoying a laugh with a couple of ladies sitting rinkside who were some of his biggest “fans” before it was long before it was cool.

To quote the great Dave Chappelle’s Killin Them Softly stand-up, “He’s so famous… you give him a blowjob… now you’re famous. Suck my dick, there’s a future in it!”


After digging in to origins of this picture a little deeper, I found some unfortunate news.  It’s a photoshop.  After Seguin called them out on Twitter, Masshole Sports admitted they photoshopped the image.  They also posted a picture of the original sign, which was still funny enough to make Seguin chuckle.

After seeing both signs, I still think the photoshopped photo was much funnier.  Only a certain type of clever mind can come of with something like that.  And seeing how virally the fake photo went shows most of social media shares my sentiments.  Oh well, if we’ve learned anything here it’s that if it looks too good to be true, it probably is.


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