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It’s a Bike Lock in a Bottle!

One thing many of you probably don’t know about me is that I am a HUGE cycling fan, and an avid rider myself.  So anytime a cool new bike, accessory, or tool hits the market I get pretty excited. Recently I stumbled across a nifty new product from a relatively small company called Küat (whoever believes … Continue reading

Riches to Rags: Penniless Professional Athletes

Professional athletes are role models all around the world. They are seen as heroes and superiors to everyone around them. Why not? They make millions of dollars, they are constantly in the press and always on television. They are stars. The main focus here, however is the obscene amount of money that professional athletes make. … Continue reading

A Sleeper GT-R?

The Nissan GT-R is widely known through the automotive community as the supercar killer.  This $97,000, all-wheel-drive, 545 horsepower monster (also known as Godzilla) is one of the fastest cars on the market.  The GT-R destroys almost everything it comes up against, whether it’s on the street, drag strip, or track. So how can a … Continue reading

Get “Shmacked”

This weekend a good friend of mine, and Michigan Wolverine, showed me documentary-styled segment filmed at the University of Michigan during Nebraska weekend by the I’m Scmacked company.  I’m Scmacked is: “A movie documenting the experience of a weekend at twenty of the best and biggest universities around the United States intertwined with a book and … Continue reading

Quim’s Weekend Recap (3/23-25) – Nā Palm and more…

Typically after a long exciting weekend I take to Twitter (insert shameless plug here: follow me @QuimSauceLIVE) and give my followers a riveting recap of the events.  However last weekend for me deserved much more than a series of 140 character snippets. Friday: Typical college night. A “few” drink, with a “few” friends. Saturday: Saturday was the highlight … Continue reading

NFL Commissioner Goodell Punishes Saints for ‘Bounty Program’

Unless you haven’t been paying much attention to the NFL since the New York Giants won Super Bowl XLVI last February, I’m sure you’ve heard of the NFL’s latest scandal, the New Orleans Saints Bounty Program.  Earlier this month the NFL publicized that it was investigating the entire Saints organization for a rumored ‘Bounty Program’ … Continue reading

Nā Palm: Rippin in the Mitten Tour [Announcement + Giveaway]

Craig Palm, most commonly known as Nā Palm, is one of the rising stars in a relatively new genre called Electronic Hip-Hop.  Nā Palm defines Electronic Hip-Hop as, “[putting] lyricism into electronic music.”  This formula for his music also happens to be the formula for success.  Nā Palm’s innovative brand of music has netted him hundreds … Continue reading

Spring Supreme

Cool Trans, a Japanese street wear magazine, recently constructed a showcase of Supreme‘s Spring/Summer 2012 collection. Among releases are the illustrious Schott Leather Flight Jackets with floral print lining and the Houndstooth Trench. Confident patterns and wild life prints are once again on the front line of Supreme’s arsenal. Introducing Ottoman Tie Dye Shirts with … Continue reading

NBA Positional Rankings – Small Forward

The underlying theme of this year’s group of small forwards has been understanding their limitations and grasping their roles. That and, well, there’s a LOT of athletic ability. Just think about how different guys such as LeBron James and Kevin Durant are for a second. LeBron is most likely one of the five or ten … Continue reading

Dropping Dimes!

The other night Rajon Rondo threw the most amazing behind the back I’ve ever seen to a streaking Ray Allen in the corner for a beautiful three points.  But then just a few nights later Danilo Gallinari threw one   equally as impressive to none other than rookie sensation Kenneth ‘The MANimal’ Faried.  I’m honestly … Continue reading

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